Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Book for Gayatri Pariwar- युग निर्माण-26

I have always been conscious of my duties and responsibilities towards my children. But there is only one thing to which I would like to draw the attention of the parijans. I want each on e of them to contribute their time and resources to the maximum extent to the mission, because for accomplishing great works great persons and resources are needed. Every individual belonging to Gayatri Parivar is potentially a great person. He has ignorantly worn a thin mask of smallness. His real face will be visible as soon as this mask is removed. The parable of a lion cub who was brought up in a herd of sheep applies to each one of the Pragya-parijans.
            My legacy and message to all my close and intimate Pragya-parijans is that they should learn something from my life and find out the reality behind the process of my sadhana. They should themselves examine how far I have succeeded and try to follow me intelligently and resolutely according to their capabilities. This is a bargain of profit, not of loss.
            People might consider me a great scholar, a Tapasvi, a seer, a mystic, a social reformer, a genius. However, in my own estimation, I’m only an ordinary person, with a heart brimming over with love and compassion for all fellow human beings. All my life has been spent in the “business” of love sharing love all-round me and inspiring people, by example, to love, I purchased this commodity-love at an exorbitant cost and have shared it with others almost free. – Shriram Sharma Acharya
Last Message
My soul’s embodied sojourn of Earth is about to come to a close. Every breath of this long life-span of eighty years has been spent, in a spirit of total self-surrender to the Indwelling, All-pervading Divinity, while selflessly and single pointedly carrying out the behests of my Divine Gurusatta, living in astral-causal sheaths in the remote Himalayas. The stupendous and herculean task of uplifting humanity into the Golden Era of Satyug (Age of Truth) will be far more swiftly and effectively accomplished by working, as a liberated soul, through the self-effectuating and all-conquering divine cosmic energies of th4e higher planes of consciousness, instead of somehow carrying on the work with this worn-out physical sheath. Hence, the decision to cast it off.
            The light of which I have been an instrument and medium will not extinguish with my withdrawal from the physical realm. I assure all my parijans that I will continue living and working with them at Shantikunj and elsewhere in my astral-causal body as a concrete presence and guide, help and inspire them in their efforts to lead humanity into the Golden Era of Truth, Light and Immortality. I will finally merge into the Blissful Luminous causal self at the end of this century, after humanity has taken decisive leap into the cosmic consciousness and attained the light of New Era of spiritual Unity, Harmony and Peace.
            The bonds of spiritual kinship that bind us will continue growing deeper and stronger with the passage of time.
            My soul is like a Brahma-Kamal (Lotus) in full bloom. Throughout this life I have sown numberless seeds of this lotus in aspiring souls who have turned to me. I am sure, these seeds, wherever they have fallen on fertile soil, will sprout and grow up into full-bloomed Brahma-Kamals themselves and become the torch-bearers for the spread of Divine Light on Earth.
            My blessings, love and prayer-filled wishes to all my parijans. I will always be with them in their selfless and noble endeavours in this divine work. – Shriram Sharma Acharya

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